Friday, May 27, 2011

Minneapolis Fashion Photographer|Minneapolis Senior Photographer

I had a fabulous time photographing this Class of 2011 senior for her senior photos. I knew she had great style, she was a senior rep for Joy Orcutt photography for Centennial High School, so I have photographed her before. But I didn't realize that over the course of this year she has focused and decided to major in Fashion Merchandising. So, right away I commented her on her totally cute dress and her mom, who happened to be with, said, "yes, isn't it cute, she designed and made it herself!" I thought, sure, maybe she picked out the fabric and the pattern... but... She actually, SEWED the dress herself! I was blown away, so impressed. Just not that many young people sew anymore. So, I had to take a closer look and inspect her work, I was just so impressed and excited for her! She's going to do great in the fashion design industry! Oh, this is one of her dresses in the photo below: (so cute right?)

Again, loved this outfit and pretty much everything that she brought to her senior photo session. She has great taste, definitely a bit of a bohemian flavor:

This senior grad and her beautiful eyes...

And we only shot about a BILLION photos of her in her evening gown... just so elegant.

Thank you Ms. "M" for gracing my photo studio with your style and charm! Also, a big thank you for being a Joy Orcutt Photography Senior Rep for the Class of 2011. You will do awesome at Iowa State. Don't forget about your Minneapolis Photographer someday when you are off setting up your first runway show!!!

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