Friday, May 27, 2011

Minneapolis Fashion Photographer|Minneapolis Senior Photographer

I had a fabulous time photographing this Class of 2011 senior for her senior photos. I knew she had great style, she was a senior rep for Joy Orcutt photography for Centennial High School, so I have photographed her before. But I didn't realize that over the course of this year she has focused and decided to major in Fashion Merchandising. So, right away I commented her on her totally cute dress and her mom, who happened to be with, said, "yes, isn't it cute, she designed and made it herself!" I thought, sure, maybe she picked out the fabric and the pattern... but... She actually, SEWED the dress herself! I was blown away, so impressed. Just not that many young people sew anymore. So, I had to take a closer look and inspect her work, I was just so impressed and excited for her! She's going to do great in the fashion design industry! Oh, this is one of her dresses in the photo below: (so cute right?)

Again, loved this outfit and pretty much everything that she brought to her senior photo session. She has great taste, definitely a bit of a bohemian flavor:

This senior grad and her beautiful eyes...

And we only shot about a BILLION photos of her in her evening gown... just so elegant.

Thank you Ms. "M" for gracing my photo studio with your style and charm! Also, a big thank you for being a Joy Orcutt Photography Senior Rep for the Class of 2011. You will do awesome at Iowa State. Don't forget about your Minneapolis Photographer someday when you are off setting up your first runway show!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Unique Senior Portraits Minneapolis|Modern Senior Photos Minneapolis

Hello friends of photography! This is not your mother's senior photos!! This graduate was one of my senior rep.'s for the Class of 2010. I am so excited for her upcoming first year of college. This is just one sneak peek photo for her but I will be posting much more from this Minneapolis Senior Photo Session. She is very much into fashion and we designed her photo session accordingly.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Unique Senior Photography Minneapolis|Minneapolis Senior Pictures

This lovely lady came in for her senior rep session. She has such a fresh, stunning look. Who would ever know that she had just come from track practice earlier that morning, are you kidding me?? :) Notice how the gold earrings really bring out the hazel color in her eyes? Good choice. So during our senior sessions we usually try a variety of looks, one of which, is the "serious" look, you will notice on the bottom right. But, whenever I first tell seniors to try the "serious" face, they immediately laugh, as exhibited by top right:

But we work it out: Stunning, STUNNING eyes!!

Thank you miss "A" for your stunning poses!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Minneapolis Newborn Session|Minneapolis Newborn Photography

Baby boy newborn session! I have clients tell me often that they feel there is not much fun accessorizing to do with baby boys. Ha! So not true. We can have a ton of fun with baby boy newborn sessions. I always love a fun, crocheted hat. I have this stripey one in both grey & cream and in mauve & cream (for newborn girls).

If you read Joy Orcutt Photography blog a lot you'll see this green striped blanket (below) A LOT! I love it, I love stripes and they just photograph so well.

aww.... owls are all the rage lately!! Cute, Cute, Cute little baby "N" is in this little nest.

If you can't tell, baby newborn sessions are fun and fabulous. The possibilities are endless. So much to capture, the beginning of a new life.

Thank you "R" family for coming to the studio. Little "N" did such a good job for his very first newborn session with Joy Orcutt Photography!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Minneapolis Senior Photography|Minneapolis Senior Photographer

At Joy Orcutt Photography we are currently busy shooting senior rep sessions for the Class of 2012 Senior Portrait season. Our style is very non-traditional for senior portraits. Call it modern, call it fresh, different; it is anything and everything but traditional and typical.
A great example below, this lovely beauty. These shots are exactly what I wanted to capture of her, her loveliness. She had a bohemian look in what she wore and the way she would shrug her shoulders and just smile spoke millions about her personality. Whatever it was, I drew it out of her and this is the result, so lovely.

Thank you to all of my senior reps who have been coming in to help us gear up for Minneapolis Senior Photos for the Class of 2012. More modern senior photos to come on the blog!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Minneapolis Newborn Photography|Twin Cities Newborn Photographer

Whoa baby! The last couple of months has brought so many newborns to Joy Orcutt Photography!! It certainly is a sign of spring, newborn babies and newborn photo sessions. My studio is set up and ready to go, plenty of toasty heat (I love my portable heater and so do babies), plenty of blankets, fabrics, comfy pillows, plenty of cute hats, headbands, diaper covers, wraps... so many ways to keep the little ones cute and comfy. I also make sure that mom and dad are relaxed too, places to nurse and the ability to sit back and relax while I pose and create those first portraits that they can keep forever. I know when new parents think about their newborn photos, most think of those sleepy baby photos. They are pretty amazing, but I do love when newborns are awake for some photos too. Their eyes are so shiny and beautiful. If we're lucky, in a newborn session, we get a mixture of both sleeping baby and awake baby pictures.

If you are expecting please give us a call at Joy Orcutt Photography and let us plan a date for your little one's first portraits. I promise, you will never regret capturing those teeny tiny feet, fingers and faces before they change and grow... so fast!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Minneapolis Senior Portraits|Minneapolis Senior Photographer

This was such a fun family session to do. Mom and dad were wearing bright, spring colors. Oh, and of course, they brought along their too cute newly-turned one-year-old boy for some family photos. I love his appliqued personalized t-shirt. This is a great idea to really add a fun, personal touch to photos.

mom brought dad's tie and I couldn't resist letting him play with a vintage camera. How cute!

I just love doing this pose for a family session. I love how it shows just how little your little one is at this moment. They won't be this little for long!

and a new personal favorite here... I have found other photographers who have done something similar with the Cheerios, mommy brought in the box to dump in the bowl and let baby boy at it!

Thank you "C" family!! We had a blast, I look forward to photographing you all again for a future Minneapolis family photo session.