Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Minneapolis Wedding Photography|Vintage Engagement Session

Jason and I started off this engagement session at the NE Minneapolis studio. Its a good way to start off a session, get warmed up. We play some music, let the happy couple check their look, get a feel for things.

we moved to the outside of the studio... took a little walk around the NE Minneapolis Arts District...

Then off to a nearby park for a little mini-picnic! A break from all that hard work, a little orange cream soda toast to the future Mr. & Mrs.

And since we are in Minnesota and these guys are huge Twins fans... an obligatory shot with the twins jerseys against the Minneapolis skyline. Gretchen & Dan you guys were too fun... thanks for being such good sports and for looking so in love! We cannot wait until the big day!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Minneapolis Children's Photographer|Urban Minneapolis Photographer

Hi Miss "A." You 2-year-olds think you are sooooo sneaky...
well, I'm sneaky too!!!! GOTCHA! I caught you smiling my dear!!
Its so fun to see how you've grown since last fall. Your hair is longer, you have those "big girl" bangs. And now you are a big-sister-to-be! I'll see you again with your mom and pop in October! (and again in December with your new sissy!!!)

Thank you ladies for coming to my studio on this lovely Thursday morning. Its always an adventure! More images coming soon...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Minneapolis Children's Photographer|Minneapolis Family Photographer

How lovely to meet up with this family on Father's Day weekend...

This shot would look fabulous gallery wrapped:

You have gorgeous hair darling...

Thank you "S" family, it was a pleasure. We hope you enjoy your gallery images.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Minneapolis Wedding Photographer|Sarah & Phil

Sarah & Phil are everything you would dream for a bride and groom to be. They are sweet, soft-spoken and in love. At their reception, family members and friends spoke about how they both are very hard-working and genuinely caring. They were married at The Church of the Epiphany.

Sarah's letter to Phil... awww
the girls workin' it out

Even though my wedding was almost 11 years ago, I remember vividly what it is like sitting there in front of everyone special in your world and God, next to your soon to be husband, full of emotions, nerves, giddiness. You can't be quite sure whether you will burst into tears or a giggle.
Don't ever assume that any rain will ruin your wedding day photos! I think little Miss "E" will love this photo more and more as she grows older.
ahhh... time for some relaxation and partying!
Easy fellas...
the details... a warm, glowing, beautiful reception at the Majestic Oaks.
And I surprised the happy couple with some Hawaiian kitsch... afterall, they were leaving all of us here in soggy MN for the beaches of Maui. Happy Honeymooning!
Thank you Sarah & Phil for choosing Jason and I to photograph this most important day. We wish you years of happiness!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Minneapolis Wedding Photographer|Magnolia Blossom Wedding|Mary Jo & Todd

Jason and I had such a blast shooting a wedding on the Magnolia Blossom paddleboat in St. Paul Nobody was going to let the rain hamper any fun. I think the nifty umbrella we brought along makes this absolutely ADORABLE couple even cuter!!! I just loved the tophat and tails Todd wore and Mary Jo so elegant and always smiling.
The beautiful details... Some of my favorite parts of photographing weddings

Kinda cozy there under that umbrella you two...

I love this family, they have truly made Jason and I feel like part of their family. This ceremony was very boisterous, full of passion and vitality. The bride would shout out a WOO HOO! every now and then and her loved ones would WOO HOO right back at her!! Loved it!

Thank you Mary Jo and Todd for making us part of this celebration! There are just so many fabulous images from this wedding, we are so happy for you!

Minneapolis Wedding Photographer|Magnolia Blossom Wedding

Minneapolis Children's Photographer|Session at home

Sessions at the client's home are always a great success. The kids are happy to show me around their rooms...
Show me all the great hiding places:

And kids usually enjoy showing me around their yard. I can see why this family chose to have a session at their home... BEAUTIFUL yard and gardens! Oh... if only I could get MY yard looking this lush and beautiful!!!
Thank you for the lovely Sunday morning session ladies! It was a pleasure to get to know you! More images coming soon!

Minneapolis Children's Photographer|Family Photo Session

This little fairy came to me last December to be photographed in her Christmas jammies with her cousin. Now she's back with her mom and dad. We took some family photos but the highlight of the session involves her wings...
Her daddy surprised her with the wings and fairy outfit, how fitting that I should catch him adoring her in the mirror...

Happy girl, happy family!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Minneapolis Wedding Photographer|Engagement session with the family

What a beautiful and fun family. We met up on a Saturday morning to capture some family bonding. I love St. Anthony Main for photo shoots. You get a little bit of everything, urban photos, some greenery and park-like setting, some shots of the city skyline. Plus, kids love exploring.

... and some of mom and dad alone...
You all did an awesome job, like I keep saying... I can't wait until September!! More photos to come...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fall Family Photos| Minneapolis Children's Photographer

Yes, you are seeing this correctly, I'm talking about fall family photos. WHAT? I know, it sounds kinda crazy to be talking about fall... I mean, we've just barely started barbequing and hauling out the inflatable pools and lawn furniture. Technically, it isn't even officially summer yet... Anywho... I'm looking at my calendar and noticing that Joy Orcutt Photography is almost full for the month of October already!! I have Sunday, October 3rd at 10am and Sunday, October 17th at 10am and 3pm. This is PRIME TIME for the peak of fall colors. I also have a couple of weekday openings but for the most part... its booking up fast!!!! That is really exciting for Jason and I. So, if you are a blog reader and toying around with the idea of booking a session for your family for the fall, PLEASE don't wait until Labor Day rolls around because it would bum me out big time if I didn't have any times available.

I get excited thinking about fall family photos just looking at this marvelous family in those glorious orange and gold leaves!! But... I can wait just a little while, I still have plenty of sprinklers to run through, ice cream trucks to chase and of course, the State Fair has not yet come. Happy Summer!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Minneapolis Senior Photographer|Congratulations Class of 2010

Congratulations to the Class of 2010! I want to thank Katie and Kate for being Joy Orcutt Photography Senior reps this year! Great job ladies! Best wishes to all the seniors I have photographed over the last year, the sky is the limit for you!!!