Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Minneapolis Newborn Photographer|Minneapolis Children's Photographer

Welcome baby "E," it was so nice to meet you at the studio with your family. Your big sister Ava will show you how to rock your photo sessions as you grow!! Joy Orcutt Photography is over the moon to shoot newborn photo sessions, they are so special. This little peanut did such an awesome job, we got some shots with her bright eyes...

and she decided to snooze for awhile to, which was fine with me and her mom. That is the beauty of a custom Joy Orcutt Photography newborn session, lots of time to get aquainted, time for feedings, time for playing, time to not be stressed out about your session running out quickly and people waiting in line behind you... oh, and time for some photos!

plenty of time and attention to all those little details, because they won't be little for very long!
Miss "E" was one week old. This session was two days before Christmas. I know the "C" family had a most peaceful and blessed Christmas!
Thank you!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Minneapolis Children's Photographer|Minneapolis newborn photographer

No, you are not seeing double... this is a lovely set of twin girls, identical to be exact. And boy, are they IDENTICAL! I started photographing this family when the twins' older sister was a newborn!

Mom was soooooo smart to start bringing babies' initials with to their photo shoots!! This helped me big time with editing and keeping track of them, plus it is super cute!
Also, babies love to eat their letters!

Photographing twins is hard work! I guess BEING photographed is hard work too! Ha! I love how they are reaching out to eachother in times of distress!!

Of course, the session would not be complete without pics of big sissy, she was a big help and their family simply would not be complete without her!

Thank you "F" family! Can't wait for the big one-year birthday photos!!!