Monday, December 27, 2010

Minneapolis Children's Photographer|Minneapolis newborn photographer

No, you are not seeing double... this is a lovely set of twin girls, identical to be exact. And boy, are they IDENTICAL! I started photographing this family when the twins' older sister was a newborn!

Mom was soooooo smart to start bringing babies' initials with to their photo shoots!! This helped me big time with editing and keeping track of them, plus it is super cute!
Also, babies love to eat their letters!

Photographing twins is hard work! I guess BEING photographed is hard work too! Ha! I love how they are reaching out to eachother in times of distress!!

Of course, the session would not be complete without pics of big sissy, she was a big help and their family simply would not be complete without her!

Thank you "F" family! Can't wait for the big one-year birthday photos!!!

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  1. I had so much fun browsing your photographs, they are just so darn cute!

    You've captured so many wonderful expressions, I had to giggle at a few of them.

    Thanks for the lovely posts!