Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crafty things|Minneapolis Children's Photographer

Does anybody else ever take those coasters on the table when you go out to eat? Well, I shamelessly do! I have found several uses for them but in particular, I like to use them for mini scrapbooks for photos. I needed teacher gifts to give our preschool teachers and this was just the thing! The round ones I had gotten from a hotel a while back. You know, they are hiding behind that packet of coffee no one ever seems to use in the hotel room.

I happened to know that one of the preschool teachers has a new little grandbaby on the way... Hope she uses this for some cute snaps of the new baby.

Minneapolis Children's Photographer|Minneapolis Children's Photography

Here is another sneak peek from last Saturday's sessions at the NE Minneapolis studio. This is little Emery's first birthday portraits. Her mom came equipped with the whole nine yards for the photos, balloons, a tutu, cupcakes, a personalized party hat, all of which she made, well, except for the balloons, of course!

I was pretty warmed up after already completing one-year-old birthday portraits earlier that morning. At Emery's session I even had a little assistant with me, she did a great job.
Emery, I hope you enjoy your first birthday celebration, I know your parents will too. The first birthday... It's a pretty big deal!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Minneapolis Children's Photographer|Minneapolis Urban Photography

Here's what ya get when your momma is a model...
A cute little one-year-old with a model attitude:
He's pretty cute, so he's allowed to call the shots.

Here's mom and son workin' it for the camera... or maybe they were just playing...

This model was so demanding, he insisted on bringing his daddy too, sheesh.

This was a fun photo shoot "M" family, we literally "rocked" it! Much more to come... Thank you!!!!!!

Minneapolis Wedding Photographer|Engagement Session Como

I met up with these lovebirds at Como Park, a place where the lovely bride spent much time as a kid. In fact, she grew up across the lake from the pavillion at Como Park. We made sure to capture that pavilion and its familiarity in our photos. We laughed the whole time. These two are seriously like teenagers. But they know that. They've been told a lot.
Jason and I cannot wait to photograph this wedding, we hear there will be lots more laughing and whooping it up, oh yeah and did I mention these nuptials will be on a boat out on the mighty Mississip??? I think we're gonna rock that boat!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Minneapolis Children's Photographer|Mother & Daughter photo shoot

I really wanted for Mother's Day, to have photos taken with me and my girls. I spend so much time photographing other families and you would think that I have a TON of photos myself, of my own kids. I do have a lot of pictures of my kids but not with me in them. This was my Mother's Day wish. I did get my pictures but of course, much like life, it didn't happen quite exactly as how I planned...

You see, first of all my photo shoot had to happen a week after Mother's Day, because we were sick in our household, no biggie. Then, I don't think I accounted for just how much time it would take to get THREE girls ready, with THREE dresses, THREE heads of hair to do, THREE faces to keep clean... you get the idea.
There happened to be an art fair occuring in and around our studio building, (it IS the arts district of NE Minneapolis afterall...) so that was a HUGE distraction to my girls getting directly into the building without any tantrums over balloons they might have seen or any trucks that may or may not have had cotton candy or other tasty treats.
We also had to set up our shoot, me carrying light stands, a fan, a toddler with only a diaper on... with rollers still in my hair. We must have been a sight.
Whew, I am exhausted just typing this.
At any rate, I got my photos with my little belles, thank goodness Jason had patience for us and our fussing. I would highly recommend a mother & daughter photo session. hmmm... maybe a good idea for mini sessions next year!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Minneapolis Children's Photographer|Minneapolis Children's Photography

Happy Mother's Day!
This Mother's Day post is late, but it is actually a little representative of the one of the fundamentals of motherhood; putting everything else first. This mother's day Jason and I had bad colds, we say we will celebrate next weekend! I had plans to have photos taken of myself and my girls, something that rarely happens. But those plans were thwarted by our cold bugs. I found this picture of myself with my older daughter. Jason snapped this photo after a long day of photo sessions. He and the girls met me at the studio and I was a little irritated to have someone taking a picture of me, I felt sweaty, tired, cranky and altogether disheveled. But I'm glad he did, I like this picture a lot. She is older now but is still my baby. I guess no matter how old our kids get, they will always still be our babies and as mothers, we will continue to always put them first.
I hope it was a good one for all moms out there!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Minneapolis Lifestyle Photographer|Modern Photographer Minneapolis

I love meeting clients at their home for a custom portrait session. I had the opportunity to photograph this lovely family at their home last weekend, doing what they normally do on a weekend, going for a walk together on the trail, hanging out in the backyard.

Little "N" is such a ham!

and super cute! Look at that grin!

and more hamming it up...

Thank you "B" family, I loved capturing you all together, doing what you do!!