Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Minneapolis Wedding Photographer|Sarah & Phil

Sarah & Phil are everything you would dream for a bride and groom to be. They are sweet, soft-spoken and in love. At their reception, family members and friends spoke about how they both are very hard-working and genuinely caring. They were married at The Church of the Epiphany. www.epiphanymn.org

Sarah's letter to Phil... awww
the girls workin' it out

Even though my wedding was almost 11 years ago, I remember vividly what it is like sitting there in front of everyone special in your world and God, next to your soon to be husband, full of emotions, nerves, giddiness. You can't be quite sure whether you will burst into tears or a giggle.
Don't ever assume that any rain will ruin your wedding day photos! I think little Miss "E" will love this photo more and more as she grows older.
ahhh... time for some relaxation and partying!
Easy fellas...
the details... a warm, glowing, beautiful reception at the Majestic Oaks. www.majesticoaks.com
And I surprised the happy couple with some Hawaiian kitsch... afterall, they were leaving all of us here in soggy MN for the beaches of Maui. Happy Honeymooning!
Thank you Sarah & Phil for choosing Jason and I to photograph this most important day. We wish you years of happiness!

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