Monday, April 12, 2010

Minneapolis Senior Photographer| Moder Senior Portraits Minneapolis

Are you a 2010 senior that has not yet completed your senior photos?? Never fear- spring senior portraits are here! Okay, that was a little dramatic. But seriously, its not too late. "R's" mom called Joy Orcutt Photography last week inquiring about senior photos and wondering if it was too late. We tweaked our schedule a little and worked them in. I'm so glad we did, her pics are looking fabulous. We were talking about taking photos in the spring and it got me to thinking about how nice spring is for photos. The scenery has a lighter, muted tone. There is much more light available with only buds on trees. This first shot to me exemplifies my satisfaction with this spring photo shoot:

Seniors are fun to photograph, they are just coming into their own personalities, discovering what is unique to them and of course, nothing but possibilities ahead...

Thank you ladies for choosing Joy Orcutt Photography. It was a fun morning, I enjoyed meeting and hanging out with the two of you. I will be contacting you with your gallery very soon!

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