Thursday, March 25, 2010

Minneapolis Children's Photographer| Minneapolis Lifestyle Photographer

Lately my Saturdays at the NE Minneapolis studio have been completely full and this past Saturday was no exception. Here are just a few images from the fun world of a Minneapolis Children's Photographer...

awww... these clients have returned to me several times to capture their milestones. They are growing like weeds! It seems like just yesterday I was photographing little miss "A" in her 1-year-old birthday hat.

We also had new clients to Joy Orcutt Photography... Mr. "H" and his mommy.

This lovely duo was referred by another client I photographed later in the afternoon...

Yay! there's a genuine boy smile! (well, anyone would laugh when they hear me try to make animal sounds!)

...AND... Hello again "W" family! The last time we got together for photos I captured this little man in a bucket carried by his mom and dad... still one of my favorites.
He was so cute carrying around his blankie, blankies are special.

Not sure who was having more fun running around the studio and playing peekaboo, child or dad??

Lookin' pretty spiffy dude!

Thank you for the fabulous Saturday...
More photos on the way for all of you!!

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  1. These are FUN! You capture great expressions from kids! Loving the toes!