Monday, March 8, 2010

Minneapolis Children's Photographer| Modern Children's Photography Minneapolis

Its been waaaaay long since I last photographed these little dudes. I don't know why they were so shy at first, I know their mom quite well.

But that's cool, custom photography allows for time to relax, get used to the surroundings. I took some time to just capture their little boy feet, and the lizard on J's shirt! Hey, I'm no dummy... I know kids really don't want to sit and be posed and say "cheese" a billion times, so I had mom make sure to bring about a billion and one Matchbox cars.

We spread them out and out came the big, wide, genuine kid smiles.

Those Matchbox cars did all the work for me! If you're looking for a Minneapolis Children's Photographer who knows kids don't want to sit still and be posed... contact Joy Orcutt Photography, we know how to just be real with the kids!!!

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